Did you know, that the Bagel was
Invented, in…..?

edBy: Edwin L. Crammer CPA – This is something I recently discovered on my recent cruise to the Southern Caribbean. The cruise director ran a daily game of trivia where teams of players competed against each other for prizes. It was great fun!

My team was made up of individuals from various parts of the world. As this cruise began in Barbados, the majority of the passengers were from Britain. To my dismay, although I thought that I was smart those English guys on the team seemed to know the right answers to questions on every subject thrown at us. Believe me most of those questions were tough.

I was appointed to be Captain of the team whose job was mostly to write down the answers the team came up with, and collaborated on before supplying me the answer to write down.

As the days went by the competition became hotter as each team fought hard to become the champion team who received the biggest prize at the end of the cruise. We were “egged” on by the cruise director who promised us that if one or more teams got all of the answers correct in any one game, his assistant, would perform a pole dance for us in the nude which, seemed to thrill the female competitors. Me, not so much.

Nevertheless, to our dismay, no team ever achieved a total score of twenty five which was a deemed a perfect score. This would compel this fellow to perform this dastardly deed. Although, he did start to sweat each time the scores were tallied and the teams announced their scores. The cruise director informed us at the beginning of the cruise that only once a team had scored a perfect score in all of the times he played the game.

Believe it or not our team came the closest one day with twenty four out of twenty five correct answers and as such we received the most points of any team for that day. I was puzzled each day how two of the members of our team were so knowledgeable on so many different subjects from world history, to music, to famous individuals and their accomplishments etc. etc. etc.

I found out the answer the last day of the cruise, why these two members of the team were so smart when they told me that they were both graduates of Cambridge University in England, although these two blokes did not know each other before and during the cruise. I guess you get a pretty well rounded education at Cambridge University.

bagels Let us get back to the subject of the bagels as by now you are chomping at the bit as to how I accrued this information. On the third day out one of the questions thrown out by the Cruise director was: “Where were Bagels first invented?” Everyone from all of the teams was stumped on this subject. Even my smart teammates were stumped. They all looked at me to see if I knew the answer. I guess they figured out I was the token Jew on the team and I should know the answer to this. I don’t know how they would think I was Jewish as I had never revealed this as a fact and none of them knew my second name which is not particularly Jewish, as you can see in the title to this article.

However, one guy guessed New York, which I knew to be wrong, one guy guessed Israel which I also knew to be wrong. The two women on the team were stumped which was logical as they were only there for window dressing. I, had thought the answer was Romania, which in the back of my mind I had thought I had heard in the past. However, being chicken, I did not give this as my answer, which would have been wrong anyway. We just left the answer blank.

It turns out, however, when the game was over that the correct answer that was revealed was Poland. Well I was close, but as the saying goes, “Close but no Cigar”. Needless to say no team got the right answer to that question.

So, the moral of this story is if you are ever on a cruise and you participate in a game of trivia or if you are with friends who decide to play a game of trivia at a house party and the question comes up, you now know the right answer and you will look oh’ so smart. Or better yet, if you are conducting a game of trivia and are the one throwing out the questions, use this one. Believe me no one will get it correct.

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Did you know that the Bagel was Invented in…..?

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