Only $19.95! Don’t you find most Commercials, on TV Annoying?

edBy: Edwin L. Crammer CPA – I assume that most of you watch television from time to time, so you should be able to relate to what I am talking about. Have you noticed that most of the so called infomercial ads you find on the cable channels for a number of obscure products that are designed to make your lifestyle easier are all priced at $19.95. Not only that, but at the end of the commercial they tell you if you call now they will throw in a second item for only additional shipping charges. What a bargain.

All of these commercials follow a similar script and all seem wonderful and timesaving. Some of these products are repeated on an hourly basis so that after a while you can almost recite the commercial yourself verbatim. Most of these commercials are to be found on the three news channels who tend to not carry national sponsors of name brand products.

The most obnoxious commercial today is the “Pillow Guy”. You know who I mean. This guy touts the wonders of his pillows and states that he invented the idea. But if you look closely at the commercial you will notice that the fill is foam rubber which has been around as a fill forever. The commercial would not be so bad if they had some sexy babe touting the product instead of Mr. Moustache with his sickly smile.

One commercial that has been around forever is the one for the awning company. I started watching this commercial fifteen years ago that showed a happy young couple enjoying their patio now that it is outfitted with one of the company’s awnings. That same commercial is still being shown today with the same limited time only discount offer that was offered fifteen years ago. My question is how long a period is limited. I bet if you were to see that same smiling couple today that appeared in the commercial they probably are middle aged grandparents.

1995            The most annoying commercials that I find are ones that usually are played on the radio but sometimes this type of commercial appear on television.  What I am talking about are commercials that are supposed to be funny. They are told as a joke with a punch line that I am supposed to laugh at upon completion. The problem with these types of commercials, are funny yes! The first time you hear it. But after listening to it or viewing it twenty times I want to scream.


Do you remember the days when you would be subjected to half hour infomercials on the local channels usually on the weekend when major advertisers tend to sit back and reserve their advertising dollars for the weekday hours? You were subjected to the wonders of the most easy to use household products that will make your life easier. The host of these commercials showed you how you could easily chop veggies, grill or cook gourmet type meals with little or no effort and or time. Those commercials have pretty much gone away but they have been slimmed down into shorter presentations of a couple of minutes at a time which is what is now being offered up in the commercials that I talked about earlier.

Actually, to tell the truth, I have been lured into purchasing some of these tantalizing items that I may be used once or twice and then had them reside in my closet until I recently purged them to the Goodwill bin.

I understand that it is difficult for the cable companies to lure major sponsors to their stations and have to resort to accepting these types of vendors, having been an advertising man myself in the past, but please, can you not repeat them, hour by hour twenty four hours a day.

In confession I must say that I take advantage of my DVR and pass through most television commercials on the regular TV channels but you cannot record the news programs on CNN and Fox. Because if I did, the Breaking News that they offer up all day will not be Breaking News when I get to watch it and really I cannot wait to find out about Donald and or Hillary’s latest absurd comments.

Post Script: I recently read that UBER is looking into adding driverless cars to its fleet in the next couple of years. My questions are: would you be nervous if the UBER vehicle you summoned showed up without a driver?  After getting over your nervousness, you decide to enter the vehicle, who do you tell where you are going?  Finally, if the vehicle starts to run out of gas and you are on board, who jumps out and fills the gas tank?

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Only $19.95! Don’t you find most Commercials, on TV Annoying?

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