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Saffron Supper Club-The Wynwood Yard 24 Jan 2015

Saffron Supper Club is a self- billed “rolling pop-up dinner club that explores food and the culture of the Middle East,” started by food writers and friends Maude Eaton and Sara Liss. The most recent dinner held at The Wynwood Yard called “Open Sesame” was a collaboration of four chefs who created dishes that seamlessly blended together. Maude Eaton, Arabian Knife, Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen & Della Test Kitchen. The dinner event took place in Miami at The Wynwood Yard and was the eighth of the Saffron Supper Club events. The meal was inspired by the love of Tahini, a Middle Eastern standard.

With a crisp 54’ south Florida night and dining under white tents with sparkling lights, dinner was served. Chef Maude Eaton created beautiful tahini mixtures served with warm pita and heirloom carrots. The farm style tables were set in a family style setting. All guests sat together sharing in paired tahini and red wine to complement the flavors of the Middle Eastern cuisine.

The first course of Persian winter soup with crisp mint, onions and tart drizzle made by Chef Eaton, was perfect on a chilly Miami night. Dinner was served family style. Falafel Mezze (Arabian Knife), Cumin Lamb Chops (Richard Hales), Saffron-scented ratatouille (Maude Eaton), Deconstructed Mediterranean bowl (della test kitchen), finishing the evening was a Tahini Hot Chocolate and Baklava (Arabian Knife.
The experience of culture shared through food, wine, and friends whether old or new was a wonderful experience. Della Heiman and the entire team from The Wynwood Yard bring an eclectic experience for all to enjoy.


Pictured is the Deconstructed Mediterranean Bowl from Della Test Kitchen

The first dinner, held at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, was a pomegranate-and-roses themed dinner. Chef Michael Shikany as well as Maude Eaton and Sara Liss teamed together to create dishes using those key ingredients. That event was a successful one and was followed up by collaborative meals at Josh’s Deli, the Hidden Kitchen, Paradise Farms, Bocce Bar, Fooq’s, and, most recently The Wynwood Yard.

Saffron Supper Club-The Wynwood Yard

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