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BB&T Center
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​Fort Lauderdale – John Mayer has taken on many persona’s in his nearly two decades as an entertainer: lead blues guitarist, pop -star god, lead singer in Dead Cover Bands. It can be at times a bit confusing, who the real John Mayer is and what direction is his music heading. “The Search for Everything” tour seems to be the way to show fans that he’s a little bit of, well, everything. At least, that’s how the night in Fort Lauderdale appeared with his concert broken down into 3 segments: Full Band/Acoustic/John Mayer Trio.

​Full Band
The show was structured in chapters, with Mayer opening the night with a seven-piece band: two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, a keyboardist and two backup singers. From there, he did an acoustic set, followed by three songs with the John Mayer Trio, another full-band set. The show touched on most of his studio albums — “Continuum,” “Room for Squares,” “Born and Raised” and “Battle Studies” — and his new EP series, “The Search for Everything.” He also sprinkled cover songs throughout: His acoustic and fan favorite re-make of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin” had the sold out BB&T center in Fort Lauderdale, FL on their feet!

Acoustic & Trio Band
The crowd in attendance were from all over South Florida. All were excited to hear smash hits and Mayer delivered. The acoustic set was filled with his classic hits and featured “Your Body is A Wonderland” and his number 1 smash “Daughters”. After the acoustic set there was a mini-documentary explaining the John Mayer Trio, Mayer’s short-lived Jimi Hendrix Experience-inspired band with bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan (both now part of Mayer’s full touring band). The group played together only briefly in 2005 and released a live album, “Try!” that same year. In the video shown between breaks, the trio talked about how electric it was when they played together. The band played tight rifts with extended jam sessions by Mayer that the left the crowd wondering why these guys don’t go out on tour with just that music!

Playing Dead
For the past two years, Mayer has immersed himself in the music of the Grateful Dead, touring with three of the band’s members in Dead and Company as a stand-in for Jerry Garcia. Though Mayer didn’t cover the Dead in Fort Lauderdale like he did in New York, he’s certainly taken some cues from the Dead on this tour. He’s been switching up the set lists every night and isn’t afraid to go deep into a jam — even with the full band. The influence of the folk music can be heard as he leads from one smash hit to the next. Many in attendance hoping for a “Dead Head” experience were happy to hear long guitar rifts peppered with the feeling of “did you hear that” and “I know what he’s playing next”.

The tour continues on as the “Search For Everything” Tour continues up the east coast and ends in South America this fall. for more info on concert dates and times.

The Search For Everything – John Mayer

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