Wawa is coming! Wow!

edBy: Edwin L. Crammer CPA – Did you ever say to yourself, “I wish I could get a fresh delicious hoagie at my local gas station?” If that thought has ever crossed your mind, than you are in luck. Guess what, that desire you may have had will soon be happening in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and later in Miami-Dade County.

What am I talking about? I will tell you. There is a national chain of hoagie and other types of fresh sandwich purveyors that are located inside a gas station. They say the coffee is good too.  Seems weird doesn’t it, but it is true. The name of the company is “Wawa” and before long you and your family will be able to savor the delights offered by these establishments in your neighborhood. Strange name, but let’s face it, have you ever heard of a couple of national organizations called, “Google and Yahoo”. We accept them with vigor, so why not “Wawa”?

If you are not familiar with this establishment, then I guess you are not from the Northeast area of the United States. This company has been a fixture for the last fifty years yes fifty years in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and a few other Northeastern States. Their headquarters are in Wawa, Pennsylvania, hence the name.

The name Wawa comes from the Indian word for Canada goose, which is also the symbol to be found on their logo. The word can be found in the song of Hiawatha which talks about a Goose in flight.

The company actually started out many moons ago as a Dairy farm in Pennsylvania that produced Pasteurized milk for home delivery. As more and more people opted to purchase their milk from a store rather than take home delivery, they opened a store in the area to sell milk at retail over the counter. Over time they expanded their products they sold in the store.   Over the years that store and the other stores they had opened morphed into a full service restaurant.

In 1996 they tried adding a gas service station area to their stores which over time became a fixture in all of the new stores that they opened.

The food specialty offered in each of their locations, are a mixture of hoagies, Panini’s and burrito’s. Their coffee which they feature, is considered to be very good and is offered at a reasonable price. The hoagie sandwiches that they offer come in the form of eleven varieties to meet every taste and satisfaction.

Currently, the only Wawa stores to be found in Florida are located in the Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville area. It is their plan to open fifteen or more stores in the Palm Beach and Broward areas along with their signature gas stations starting next year, and Miami-Dade County to follow shortly after.

If you have recently visited any of the areas of Florida mentioned above you may have sampled the treats offered by one of the stores and even purchased gasoline at the adjoining gas station, then you probably are aware of the hype that has been associated with these stores.

From what I hear, when they plan to announce the opening of the first stores down here in sunny Florida they expect the same type of crowd and exuberance that accompanied the recent opening of the Trader Joe stores down here. If that is true, then rest assured their entering the South Florida market will be successful and give the competition down here a run for their money.

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Wawa is coming! Wow!

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