An Evening with Jackson Browne. Jan 20, 2016
by: Lisa Sussman Channel 16 Eye on South Florida

On stage for over 2 1/2 hours, Browne flipped through his mental songbooks, taking in suggestions from yelling fans who inspired him to play. Standing in front of his 20 guitars that were lined up behind him, a baby grand to the side. You could see how his mind was browsing the instrument selection like an old song that he could hear playing, when you can’t stop listening.

jackson browne all guitarsJackson Browne, pictured here on the stage at Broward Center For Performing Arts during his concert;

Cherished selections such as; The Pretender, Doctor My Eyes, Love Needs A Heart, For Everyman. Others evoking memories and emotions: These Days, Sky Blue and Black, For a Dancer, Fountain of Sorrow, The Load Out.

As the conclusion of ” An evening with Jackson Browne” approached, Browne’s thoughts turned to his late friend Glenn Frey. He told a story of songwriting legends who were friends that created by working together then launched into a crowd stirring version off Running on Empty that had everyone on their feet.

An Evening with Jackson Browne

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