Did you know that there will be, another Primary election in Florida this Year?

edBy: Edwin L. Crammer CPA – Remember Super Tuesday back in March when all interested politically motivated citizens went to their local voting place to vote in the Florida Primary? There was a lot of hullaballoo associated with getting out the vote for this important task we were all responsible to participate in.

For all of you who did the responsible thing and went to your local precinct, weren’t you curious that the only item on the ballot was a request for you to choose a candidate for the job of President of the United States.

When I went to my local precinct to vote, I could not believe how fast I was in and out of the building after I dutifully cast my ballot for the candidate of my choice in my respective party. It took me longer to park my car and walk into the building than it took me to vote.

When you went in to vote, weren’t you curious why we were only voting for one particular job and no other elective position, this was a Presidential election year which usually meant there are a number of elected positions that have to be decided on. The reason is that Florida plans to hold a second primary election this year for all of those other positions that will be opening up.

This new Primary will take place on August 30th. It will come along with all of the bells and whistles of the last primary, which means, absentee balloting, early voting and the inevitable scheduled primary day as I said is August 30.


My question is why we need two primaries?  Why could not all of the open political positions have been taken on in one super primary?  With two primaries, you have doubled the costs. When I went to the polling place back in March for the first primary, there were a lot of polling people standing around doing nothing as this was a quickie primary as far as the required tasks to be attended to.  All of those poll workers had to be paid to stand around and they will be called back again in August to be paid again with the taxpayers money.

This is ludicrous. Why couldn’t the State get those potential candidates to commit earlier and to have one primary maybe not in March but in late April or May the States zeal in its quest to have a say in who is chosen for each of the two political parties prompted this unreal act.

Primary-ElectionsI understand why the second primary will not take place until August 30th as it is assumed that many of the local people, the ones who we call the residents of Florida may be on vacation until the end of August but the Primary could have been held as I said prior to the vacation period.

The funny thing is that if we would have had one Primary as I thought we should have, Marco Rubio would not have been able to run again for his Senate seat as the rules in Florida, as in most States, is you cannot run for two jobs at the same time.

As a sidebar, I actually like little Marco. I think he has a lot of potential going forward. It just was a little too early for him to take on the mantle of the big job in our government. He needs a little seasoning, say about eight more years and I think he will be ready.

If he does run to keep his old job however, I think the people who support him need to make him pledge to show up for work in Washington at least eighty percent of the time. I know things came up in his personal life that took him away from the job occasionally. It happens to all of us in our personal lives so I can live with him being on the job eighty percent of the time as long as he is not goofing off the rest of the time, like running for another job.

If he runs again, I probably will vote for him even though I did not support him in the primaries.  He seems like a good guy and a good family man. Those things are important.

Post Script:  The other week, President Obama went on television to address the criticism he had been receiving on the fact that he refuses to use the term “Radical Terrorism” in referring to the violent acts committed against the United States recently and other places around the world. He dismissed the use of the term as irrelevant and not necessary in light of the situation. Contrast those statements with the statements made by Hillary Clinton several years ago when discussing what happened in Benghazi when she said: “What difference does it make”.  Don’t those two remarks made by both Hillary Clinton and President Obama seem similar? You tell me.

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Another Primary election in Florida this Year

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