ice1Host Max Tucci caught up with co-owner Ryan Davis at Utah’s Ice Castles.  Ice Castles is a Utah-based company, led by ice artist Brent Christensen, that creates acre-sized, all-ice castles at venues across the United States.

Inquiries are rolling in asking where we will be this winter and and when we expect to open. We will build four ice castles this winter, from west to east:
– Midway, UT
– Edmonton, Canada
– Eden Prairie, MN
– Lincoln, New Hampshire

We are very excited about all locations. They are all very different and each will have a unique feel. Check out for information, directions, and more about each location — Including HOURS and PRICES —
The exact date that we open always depends on the weather. We depend on cold weather to freeze tons (literally!) of ice. We will keep this site current with the most recent news on this winters.
And if you want to stay up to date on our progress you can check out our blog you can like us on Facebook by clicking here. If you “like” us on Facebook, you will see an occasional news post but mostly just amazing photos taken at one of our locations.

Midway, Utah Pricing and Hours

Monday-Thursday, 3pm-9pm

Online Ticket Price:     General Admission (12+): $9.95     Child (4-11): $6.95

Standby, At-the-Door Ticket Price:     General Admission (12+): $15     Child (4-11): $10

Closed Sundays

Friday, 3pm-10pm and Saturday, 12pm-10pm

Online Ticket Price:     General Admission (12+): $13.95      Child (4-11): $8.95

Standby, At-the-Door Ticket Price:     General Admission (12+): $18      Child (4-11): $12

Ice Castles Midway Utah

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