autismWHAT: Blooming With Autism, has been chosen as Ink Mania’s charity of choice. Last year,
celebrity artist, Big Gus from Tattoo Nightmares curated an online art auction via $13,000 was raised for Blooming with Autism, a nonprofit that
helps families with Autism by funding different forms of therapy. He will once again
be curating the online auction through the same website. There will be a minimum
of 30 artists this year donating canvases, which will be on display all three days! Bidding
for the items are done on the auction website. 100% of those proceeds will
benefit Blooming With Autism.
CHARITY: At Blooming With Autism, we recognize the importance of exposing children with
Autism to various forms of therapy: from traditional ABA, Speech and OT to nontraditional
Music, Art, Karate, Tennis, Gymnastics, and more. There is also a high
demand for therapy tools such as iPads, weighted blankets, assisted learning devices,
adaptive bicycles, and the list goes on. However, we also understand that due
to financial constraints most families are unable to provide these for their children.
Our mission is to ensure that all families have these resources available to them. The
goal at BWA is to unite the Autism Community and provide the tools, resources, and
awareness necessary for our families affected by Autism. Every Child Can Bloom!
WHEN: Ink Mania Con will take place FRIDAY July 29TH, SATURDAY July 30TH & SUNDAY July
31ST. Hours are from 12pm to 12am on Friday, 12pm to 12am on Saturday and
12pm to 6pm on Sunday.
VOLUNTEER: Volunteers are needed all 3 days!! Please contact us to find out more on how to get

Ink Mania teams up with Blooming with Autism

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