It’s enough, to turn a News Anchor’s

Hair Grey

edBy: Edwin L. Crammer CPA  – Come to think of it, most of them probably already have grey hair and rely heavily on hair dyes! I am sure that the hair/makeup guy’s or gal’s use that stuff on those TV anchors to make them look twenty years younger. But what I am getting at is with all that is going on in the world lately, they are constantly on call and that can be frustrating enough to turn their hair grey.


I can see it now, back in March the News directors at the major new stations gathered all of their anchors and support staff in one room. He/she then goes on to throw them the following pitch. “Guys as you know this is an election year. With all that goes on with an election, once the conventions begin and the follow up to the convention and the ultimate election in November your services are going to be needed big time. So now is the time to decide when you are going to go on vacation. You need to finish them before the conventions start. Some of you, especially the “prime time guys” get five or more weeks. You need to think hard and fast when you will be gone so that we have full coverage”.  “But keep in mind, vacation or no vacation you are all on call twenty four hours a day”.


As the meeting breaks up, the anchors start to salivate over the upcoming vacation in Fire Island, The Hamptons and even Naples, Florida.  Yes I once heard a famous anchor talk voraciously on the air about their great vacation in Naples. They have probably been told not to leave the country this year.


Then all hell breaks loose. This is one year for the books. Week after week something of consequence is going on around the world and at home. From mysterious airplane crashes, to riots at Trump rally’s to terrorist attacks around the world and at home and so on and so forth. Talk about a slow news week, not. I do not believe we have had a single slow news week at all this year.


newsdesk            All of the leading news anchors have been on the air all of the time or so it seems. I remember several months ago, it was a Sunday night around 9:00 PM. Something big happened overseas. I don’t remember what the event was but that is not important in this discussion. One hour later at 10:00 PM on Fox News, their lead anchor Brett Bair popped up on the air in the studio, wearing a suit and tie, freshly shaved and hair combed and makeup in place. How could the network accomplish that? Amazing?


The only think I could think of it  the Fox News, houses its evening anchors in the upper floors of the building with the sign out front the says “News Corp” located at 48th Street and the Avenue of Americas, in New York City. It is the only way I could think of that they could get those anchors on scene so quickly. They probably sleep there.


What about the large cadre of individuals, the networks relies on called, “Contributors”?

It is amazing how after a disaster the networks are quickly able to call up and put on air any number of individuals that have the slightest knowledge of the subject that is pertinent to the situation going on locally or around the world.


In my estimation the only way that can happen, is when a “Contributor” is retained by the network, they are given a camera, as well as a microphone and are told to keep it on them at all times, even when they go to bed and especially they must go to bed fully dressed.


Have you noticed a lot of times when a contributor is called upon to give an opinion it shows a lovely background supposedly a background scene where that individual it currently at. I will tell you a secret.  The person is standing in front of a green screen and the background is placed on the green screen by the network. The other thing you may not know is often you will see an individual who is being interviewed who is sitting at a desk, supposedly in his or her office with a full bookcase directly behind them. In most cases they are sitting at a desk but the bookcase behind them is also a green screen. If you look closely, that same bookcase will be behind a number of different individuals in different areas of the country.


I hope I have not destroyed your conception about what goes on in a newsroom or in the field, but in this day and age, where time is of the essence some short cuts have to be taken in order to get the news to you before the other guys get the news to you.


All I can say, in retrospect with all of the things that are going on in the world and locally I am willing to bet that once the election is over the next week you are going to see a lot of the B team reporting the news to you and anchoring those prime time news shows as their anchors sneak away for a couple of weeks rest before the end of the year. That is unless something else that is big is going on in the world at the time.  Oh’ the task of being a Television newsperson, can be so taxing at times. What seemed at first glance to be a cushy job, with notoriety can turn into a taxing job with very little sleep.


Post Script:  I can’t wait for the first media guy to make the remark, that Melania Trump is not qualified to serve as first lady as she was not born in the United States.


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It’s enough to turn a News Anchor’s Hair Grey

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