Fireworks Safety Tips

fireworksbeachThe Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue & Emergency Services reminds parents to insure the safety of their children by closely supervising personal fireworks use, and by purchasing only legal fireworks from approved stands during this holiday season.

It’s important for parents to be present when fireworks are ignited, and to insure that the materials are lit in an open area away from homes, vehicles and any combustibles.

Parents should teach children to be prepared, safe and responsible:

· Read and follow all warnings
· Light fireworks in a safe area, such as a driveway or other paved surface
· Keep fireworks at least 25 feet away from grassy and vegetated areas
· Never attempt to relight or alter malfunctioning fireworks. After allowing them to stand for several minutes, discard in a pail of water. Keep a hose and bucket of water nearby.
· Light one firework at a time, and move away quickly. Fireworks should never be held or thrown.
Remain a safe distance away from the devices
· Never try to re-light fireworks that have not fully functioned
· If clothes catch fire, remember to STOP, DROP onto the ground, cover your face, and ROLL over and over until the fire goes out.

BSO adds that adults consuming alcohol while discharging fireworks are a significant contributor to fireworks mishaps. Be prepared. Be safe. Be responsible.
Supervision is paramount to keep children safe.

Very young children should not be allowed to use fireworks. Even sparklers, which burn at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, can be dangerous if used improperly.

Also, it is illegal and extremely dangerous to discharge firearms into the air. Any tolerance that we might have for fireworks does not extend to firearms!

July 4th Firework Safety Tips

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