VegFest 2016

War Memorial Stadium-Fort Lauderdale

Writer/Correspondent – Lisa Sussman
Kyle Michaud Creator and Founder VegFest 2016

Kyle Michaud Creator/Founder VegFest 2016

VegFest 2016- With lines wrapped around the building at the War Memorial Stadium in Fort Lauderdale at full capacity, founder and creator of VegFest 2016 Kyle Michaud had this to say, “it appears that were going to need a bigger space for next year’s VegFest 2017.” The turnout indeed impressive for a 1st annual event that caters to a Vegan lifestyle. Many in attendance were locals and pleasantly surprised to see the support from the local community. One attendee stopping me to ask, “what do you think took so long for everyone to figure out that the Vegan lifestyle is the healthy way to live.”  I myself,  not a Vegan set out to find out exactly this.

I met with Gail Silverman. She is with Tunie’s Natural Grocery and Vitamin Market. They have a 4.5 rating and their mission statement is an affordable healthy living for South Florida living.dsc_9430 These solutions come via food, vitamins and to offer free education. They accomplish this by offering seminars and speakers into their space and inviting in the public. Offering Juice and Salad Bar and Hot Bar Grab and Go. Vegetarian options always available. Annual health Seminars ongoing throughout January: for more information and locations.
There were many options available at VegFest 2016. New Vegan, Green Wave Cafe all offer cruelty free options at their locations and are located in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 
Susan Hargreaves was busy spreading the word from Animal Hero Kids. The organization helps by showing children solutions  by creating avenues for pet adoptions, placement of farm animals as to not be slaughtered, as well as finding their voice to help animals. The goal is to put their book “Animal Hero Kids” in all school libraries telling their stories. Their motto is to be kind to all animals. If you have a child you would like to nominate as an Animal Hero and have their story heard,  please go to 
   James O’Toole spoke with the group Toronto Pig Save. A grassroots, animal rights, vegan group. Their vision is to replace animal agriculture, fields used for feed crops and slaghterhouses with wild spaces, forest and animal sanctuaries. The group holds vigils that are well attended by locals and celebrities alike. There are about 50 save groups in Canada, the U.S. , Australia, and Europe. For more information on how you can become more involved please visit
   With a string of successful community events such as Yoga Expo, Women Empower Expo, and now VegFest, all in their first year and  all slated to be bigger and more outreaching into the South Florida Community for 2017. The founder and creator of these events Kyle Michaud is one to watch. His lifestyle and passion towards helping on a large scale as well as his keen insight and hands on approach to his events breeds success. With plans in the works for more outreach and interest in health and wellness programs and with so many talented vendors from around the country who are so passionate about educating the public on all their options for optimal health, the groundwork is being laid for South Florida to be a major player. Click on the links to purchase tickets for upcoming events such as The Yoga Expo 2017 or VegFest 2017 

VegFest 2016

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